Band video: Sincerely, Iris’s ‘License Plate Sessions’

Sincerely, Iris is the alter-ego of guitarist/singer-songwriter Todd Murray, a Charlotte transplant. His new release, “License Plate Sessions,” was recorded on a homemade guitar fashioned out of four strings, scrap metal, recycled wood, rusty bolts and a Colorado license plate.

The instrument, made by his cousin Jay Patton, who produced and mixed the record, is truly a testament of what can be created with old parts. The slide guitar lends itself to bluesy material - a direction Murray says was dictated by the instrument - but Murray experiments with what the instrument can do. In the spirit of the old school feel, the six-track EP was recorded in Murray’s bedroom on an eight track.

You can check out the entire record at http://sincerelyiris.bandcamp.com/album/license-plate-sessions.

Where’s he playing: http://www.sincerelyiris.com/.