Charlotte photographer Welsh chooses fashion that is quirky and whimsical

Christina Welsh’s job at Accenture is “business continuity professional”: helping businesses navigate threats to their continued operation. And she is a photographer who shares The Two Door Studios in NoDa with Sharon Dowell: One door is a vibrant red, the other bright orange. “The energy is fabulous here,” says Welsh, whose first film, “The Hugging Documentary,” premiered at the Mint Museum on Randolph Road this summer. Welsh, 46, lives in Charlotte with her life partner, Theron Ross, and their daughter, Maitlan.

Q. Why do you shoot your still photos in black and white?

A. I work with film, and I happen to think the graininess speaks more for me.

Q. How do you define style?

A. It’s the way you move through this life. I move through this life as loudly as possible.

Q. How is that reflected in your clothing?

A. I like a little bit of color with a little bit of vintage with a little bit of foreverness. I introduce bits and pieces that are kind of quirky and whimsical.

Q. Where do you shop?

A. I shop at trunk shows. I like to shop at Anthropologie. I used to do a lot of thrift shopping but as my tastes have changed, thrift stores haven’t kept up.

Q. What’s your favorite trend this year?

A. The librarian look. Someone who looks more conservative but does flash a few cards. She might look matronly, but would wear hot pink patent leather shoes with that.

Q. What designers do you like?

A. I grew up wearing Betsey Johnson. Jean Paul Gaultier, Stephen Sprouse, Norma Kamali. They have an edgier look, and took normal, everyday components and made them extremely unique, and humorous at times.

Q. Do you shop boutiques?

A. Definitely check out the FROCK Shop on Central Avenue.

Q. Where do you put color in your outfit?

A. I play on the shoes. I put a pop of color on my waistline; if I’m wearing something patterned I’ll throw in a bright orange belt. Bowties are fun; they are on trend for me.

Q. Describe your look in three words.

A. Unique, whimsical, reflective.

Q. How do you build an outfit?

A. By finding the base. I have a few shoes that I like, that understand me, so I’ll start with the shoe and work my way up to the head. There’s a brand called Poetic Licence that I’m particularly fond of. My shoes have to have the statement. They make the outfit sing.

Q. What’s your everyday uniform?

A. I mix comfort with wow, and me. I want to best represent me.

Q. Do you have any particular fashion quirks?

A. If it is too fad, I’m probably not into it. I like nice organic fabrics, not synthetic.

Q. Tell me about your jewelry.

A. I buy a lot of local jewelry. Amy Wyckoff, Cat Williams and Day Hixson. Amy works with silver and agate and semiprecious stones. Cat does a lot of enameling. Day Hixson works with discarded metals and makes them unique.

Q. What was your biggest splurge?

A. Probably the skirt that I wore for the Art with Heart auction. It has a little bit of tulle to it; on the front it has an old steam engine with a landscape behind it. Underneath all that is this hot pink layer.

Q. Where do you find inspiration?

A. Everywhere. In my studio, from my daughter, in my home, books. A little walk around town or through nature.

Q. What wouldn’t you be caught dead wearing?

A. Vinyl Daisy Dukes.

Q. What artist do you most admire?

A. I love Georgia O’Keefe. She was pioneering. She was living the life she intended for herself. I don’t think she took a lot of outside interference to heart.