Band video: ‘Bali’ by Charlotte’s Hardcore Lounge

Hot on the heels of Charlotte Pride, Hardcore Lounge’s video for “Bali” features drag performer BethAnn Phetamine lovingly traipsing through some of Charlotte’s most recognizable neighborhoods.

The song is one of four tracks from the group’s new “Bali” EP, which also features an ode to the beloved 1990s-era Pterodactyl Club. Third generation musicians Wes and Chris Johnson (their father was part of the Johnson Family Singers, who had their own CBS radio show) illustrate their love of ’80s new wave and the era’s quirkier alternative rock proudly.

Wes Johnson’s vocals echo the demonstrative singing of the B-52’s Fred Schneider and ABC’s Martin Fry. The colorful music pulls from the same eclectic pool as many of that era’s artists did - when rock and MTV was a (mostly) genre-less entity. The top-notch production showcases layers of torchy horns and cabaret jazz (on “In Love with a Girl”) and rippling, shoegazer pop guitar fit for a John Hughes’ prom scene (“Pterodactyl”). The vinyl version of “Bali” is available locally at Repo and Lunchbox Records, who also carries the CD. It can be purchased digitally on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and other outlets.

Look for upcoming local shows this fall and check out more tunes at http://www.reverbnation.com/hardcorelounge.