Disney’s Princesses & Heroes glides into Charlotte

Fans of Cinderella know well her advice to the dreamer in each of us: “If you believe, the dream that you wish will come true,” the Disney Princess muses.

In Charlotte, hero- and princess-filled dreams are set to unfold beginning Wednesday, when Disney On Ice unveils “Princesses & Heroes” at Time Warner Cable Arena for the first of nine performances over five days.

The show – one of eight Disney On Ice Productions touring world-wide – features ice dancing, acrobatics and artistic skating in a theatrical production complete with signature Disney flair and imagery. Fan favorite princesses Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tiana, Jasmine, Aurora, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White perform alongside Disney stalwarts Tinker Bell, Goofy, Aladdin, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Music and song accompany skating characters over three acts featuring a staggering 750 costumes and a light show that employs nearly 900 overhead fixtures, the creative team says. Our glamorous gals – with Tinker Bell leading the way – will encounter fire-breathing dragons, mystical spells and heroes in the form of handsome princes.

“By focusing on the moments in each of the princesses’ stories where these wishes are fulfilled and dreams come true, we’ve created a fast-paced show that uses high-energy music, glittering sets and dramatic choreography to make a truly breathtaking experience,” said director Patricia Vincent.

Greenville, S.C. native Courtney Mew, 32, is a principal skater with Disney On Ice and has been with the troupe since 2004, when she joined the cast of “Mickey and Minnie’s Magical Journey.” Mew portrays Sleeping Beauty in the show.

“I’m very excited to be skating so close to home,” said Mew, who skated competitively at the national level in singles and pairs up until she began college at the University of South Carolina. “It’s a dream come true from playing dress-up as a little girl to becoming a Disney princess and entertaining so many children. It is very special for me to connect with children in the crowd ... I see a light switch go off for them; the experience is magical.”

Mew said she performs an average of 10 shows per week when on tour, but never gets tired of providing a special experience for the fans. She noted that one of her favorite parts of the show is also one of the biggest crowd pleasers.

“I really love the underwater scene featuring the Little Mermaid at the end of the first act,” Mew said. “The colors are so vibrant, and there are bubbles that come out from the set and into the crowd. The kids try and catch the bubbles. They just love it.”

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