Restaurant inspections for Nov. 5-11

Scores filed by Mecklenburg County Health inspections for Nov. 5-11. Scores are in percentages; date of inspection in parentheses.

Top 3

Harris Teeter Seafood. Grade 100. 3333 Pineville Matthews Road. (Nov. 6)

Harris Teeter Seafood & Meat Market. Grade 100. 5030 Park Road. (Nov. 11)

Food Lion Deli. Grade 99.5. 5624 N. Graham St. (Nov. 5)

Bottom 2

Cuisine Malaya. Grade 80. 1411 Elizabeth Ave. Infractions include: Bowl of raw shrimp stored on top of box of tomatoes. (Nov. 10)

Mr. C’s Original Southern Country Chicken. Grade 88. 3800 Brookshire Blvd. Infractions include: Mold inside a tea urn. (Nov. 7)