What’s in the new CLT_Style?

Pages packed with Charlotte people, places and things fill the new Observer style section, debuting in Thursday’s paper and online this week, and we want to begin a conversation with you about what else we can offer.

We’re starting with these new rotating features, spurred by you:

The Style_ist answers your questions, and kicks off with a little controversy: Can a guest wear white to a Charlotte wedding? Really?

X4 asks local experts to show us four variations on a theme. It might be four ways to wear a trendy accessory, or today’s challenge: Coaxing one little black dress into four different looks.

On Style is a conversation with someone who has an interesting look. What’s in his or her closet? What’s behind the choices? This week’s conversee has a specific message about age.

Luxe & Less plays high-low: A luxurious version and a lower-cost alternative for a cool look.

We’ll explore a range of local style, knowing that self-expression and price tags aren’t equivalent. We’ll show “aspirational” looks: interesting combinations you might want to play with, whatever your budget. We’ll offer advice to those who seek it, buying information to those who want it, and a forum to discuss what’s going on here.

We want to be relevant and inspirational – words we heard consistently from readers – and we want to feel good about how we’re presenting ourselves.

Doesn’t everybody?

What is CLT_Style to you?

Who and what do you find inspiring? Where do you go for advice?

Want to share ideas? Ask questions? Post photos? Win a few spot giveaways? (We’ve got some great stuff!) Let us know at style@charlotteobserver.com, on Instagram @CLT_Style, or the vintage ways: call 704-358-5250 or snail-mail to CLT_Style, 600 S. Tryon St., Charlotte NC 28232.