Carowinds to add another new thrill ride in ’15

Just one week after construction crews topped off the 325-foot lift hill on its Fury 325 roller coaster, Carowinds unveiled plans Wednesday to build another extreme ride that will greet visitors in 2015.

The SlingShot will catapult a two-person capsule nearly 300 feet into the air – “nearly as high as the Statue of Liberty,” a Carowinds press release boasts – at speeds up to 60 mph.

In appearance, the ride is similar to longtime park staple Rip Cord (aka Xtreme Skyflyer), which hoists as many as three people 153 feet in the air, drops them into a 50-foot free fall, then swings back and forth for two minutes.

SlingShot, meanwhile, starts on the ground and catapults its riders straight up. “After some brief weightlessness,” Carowinds says, “riders will zoom back toward the ground, often rotating head-over-heels and bouncing up and down until they come to rest at the launch point.”

Like Rip Cord, SlingShot will be an additional-charge attraction. No price has been determined yet. (Rip Cord costs $25 for one person, $20 per person for two, and $15 per person for three riders.)

Rides like the SlingShot exist nationwide, including in Myrtle Beach and at Cedar Point in Ohio.

But Carowinds’ other coming attraction, Fury 325, is an original. When it opens in March, it will become the fifth-tallest roller coaster and among the 10 fastest in the world.

Both Fury 325 and SlingShot are part of a $50 million multiyear project that will see the park revamped “from top to bottom,” Carowinds officials say.