Restaurant inspections for Dec. 24-30

Scores filed by the Mecklenburg County Health Department for Dec. 24-30. Scores are in percentages; date of inspection in parentheses.

Top 3

Bi-Lo Seafood. Grade 99.5. 4430 The Plaza. (Dec. 30)

Harris Teeter Melon Bar. Grade 99.5 19815 North Cove Road. (Dec. 30)

The Q Shack. Grade 99.5. 10822 Providence Road. (Dec. 30)

Bottom 2

Charlotte Cafe. Grade 84.5. 4127 Park Road. Cook lightly bare handed cooked foods as they came off the griddle. (Dec. 29)

A to Zee Foods. Grade 87. 3201 Beatties Ford Road. Raw bacon stored over many ready to eat foods. (Dec. 30)