‘Major’ concert announcement for Charlotte? Hmm...

In the entertainment industry, there are concert announcements, and then there are “major” concert announcements.

Time Warner Cable Arena is planning such a concert announcement – a “major” one, with a capital M – for 11:30 a.m. Thursday, when it will hold a press conference at the venue hosted by guys in ties representing Hornets Sports & Entertainment and concert promoter Live Nation.

The last time the arena pulled a stunt like this was in 2010, when it summoned local media to announce that Paul McCartney was coming.

We anticipate Thursday’s reveal will be (as was the case with McCartney) about an existing tour that is adding a date in Charlotte; if this was the unveiling of a full tour from a big-name artist, the news would almost certainly be issued as a press release to national media all at once.

Who could it be this time? Well, we’re ruling out acts like Cher, Justin Timberlake and One Direction – they’ve all stopped by within the last several months. And Taylor Swift is already confirmed for June 8.

So, here are some guesses we’re tossing around.


Lead singer Bono’s 2014 bike accident left him with injuries that he says may keep him from ever playing guitar again, but it hasn’t hurt the band’s popularity: Fifty of its 60 scheduled shows this year have already sold out. In the U.S., it’s currently set for multi-night engagements in San Jose, Phoenix, L.A., Chicago, Boston and New York. The most wiggle room in its schedule is in August – which currently is wide open.

How likely this is, on a scale of 1 to 10: 7.

Foo Fighters

Fresh off its fascinating HBO miniseries “Sonic Highways,” Foo Fighters still makes music that has an impact on the Billboard charts and iTunes, and has sold out shows at Wembley Stadium in London and Citi Field in New York City (among others) for 2015. The band has performed in Charlotte twice in the past 31/2 years, and has said it wants to come back – but its schedule is pretty packed through to October.

How likely this is, on a scale of 1 to 10: 5.

Katy Perry

The announcement of 2015 U.S. tour dates for this pop megastar is imminent, and she’ll become the No. 1 search on Google after performing during halftime at the Super Bowl on Sunday night. Perry has stopped to visit Raleigh as part of her last two tours, but hasn’t set foot in Charlotte since headlining Grave Digger’s Ball at the old Dixie’s Tavern in 2008. If you have that ticket stub, it’s probably worth something.

How likely this is: 1. (That’s a Thursday number, though. On Monday, this number increases to 9.)

The Who

Its “The Who Hits 50!” tour already has a scheduled stop at PNC Arena in Raleigh on April 21, and the only way to squeeze a Charlotte show in between Jacksonville, Fla. (April 19) and Duluth, Ga. (April 23) would be to do back-to-back nights on either side of Raleigh. Currently, there are no back-to-back nights scheduled between the kickoff in London on March 22 and the final show on Nov. 4 in Philadelphia...

How likely this is: 3.

Billy Joel

Like The Who, Joel hasn’t had a bona fide hit song in decades. But he can still bring it live, and he can still attract massive audiences (six of his upcoming Madison Square Garden concerts are sold out). He’ll be at Philips Arena in Atlanta on Feb. 28, and has 10 “open” days on both sides of his schedule. Last time the 65-year-old singer came to Charlotte, he was with Elton John; it was 2009 and that show also sold out.

How likely this is: 9.

But enough from us. What major concert would YOU most like to see make its way to Charlotte in 2015?

Many of you put wishes or guesses on Twitter and Facebook. Katy Perry, Billy Joel and Garth Brooks were vote getters. The Beatles aren’t likely, but that would be a Major announcement.

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