Local Arts

Charlotte arts season 2016-17: Visual arts

“Bullfight,” 1959, by Elaine de Kooning, in the Mint’s “Women of Abstract Expressionism.”
“Bullfight,” 1959, by Elaine de Kooning, in the Mint’s “Women of Abstract Expressionism.” Denver Art Museum: Vance H. Kirkland Acquisition Fund; copyright Estate of Elaine de Kooning.

What’s up this season? Check out the lineup from museums, educational institutions, galleries and more.

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Bechtler Museum of Modern Art

420 S. Tryon St.; bechtler.org.

Through Jan. 8: “All That Sparkles ... 20th Century Artists’ Jewelry.”

Sept. 30-April 23: “Bechtler Collection: Relaunched And Rediscovered.” Preview and party: Sept. 29. Research produced new findings about the collection and its artists.

Jan. 20-July 3: “Summing It Up at the End: Alberto Giacometti’s 45 Drawings Portfolio.” In 1963, in failing health, Giacometti put together this portfolio of 45 photogravure copies of drawings that illustrate his artistic evolution.

May 12-Sept. 10: “Celebrating Jean Tinguely and ‘Santana’ Preview/party May 11. Tinguely’s iconic sculpture, completed in 1966, turned 50 in 2016; this survey of the sculptor’s development will have sculptures from the Bechtler collection and on loan, and more.

May 12-Sept. 10: “The Swiss Effect: Swiss Artists from the Collection.” This is a companion exhibition to the Tinguely show, highlighting other Swiss artists with global impact.

Cabarrus Arts Council

Through Oct. 21: “Finding Solitude.Themed work from regional, national artists in a variety of media and genres.

Nov. 11-Jan. 21: Clay 2016. N.C. pottery.

Feb. 10-April 7: “Capturing Light.Themed work from regional, national artists in a variety of media and genres.

May 5-July 7: “Place/Settings.Themed work from regional, national artists in a variety of media and genres.


Ross and Pease galleries at central campus, Elizabeth Avenue and Kings Drive. blogs.cpcc.edu/cpccartgalleries/.

Through Oct. 9: “it wasn't important until it was,” Amy Herman. Artist lecture: Sept. 15. The artist constructs photographs as a parallel to the construction of her own house.

Sept. 19-Oct. 10: “Pulitzer NC: The Power of Words (pop-up in Overcash Atrium). Panel discussion, reception, keynote talk Sept. 27.

Oct. 24-Dec. 5: “Small Histories,” Marcia Goldenstein and Todd Johnson. Artist lecture and opening reception: Nov. 3. Goldenstein’s portraits of women artists reference photography and Johnson paints miniatures of historical works on commercial paint chips.

Oct. 24-Dec. 5: Friends and Family Market. Reception: Oct. 27. Works for sale for less than $50.

Sept. 9-Nov. 3: Pervasive Pollution. Opening reception: Sept. 29. Work of students in jewelry programs at CPCC, Winthrop and Indiana University.

Jan. 13-March 3: Stacey Davidson and Jason Watson.

Jan. 13-March 9: Stephanie Neely.

Davidson College

Van Every/Smith Galleries. 315 N. Main St., Davidson; www.davidsoncollegeartgalleries.org.

Through Oct. 7: “Material Matters: Water, Pigment, and Light.” Art Acquisition Party Sept. 22. Exhibition of the work of eight artists, commemorating a 1970s series of juried shows called the Davidson National Print and Drawing Competition. The college will buy works from this exhibition, based on a popular vote, for its permanent collection.

Through Oct. 7: “Ceiba: Reconsidering Ephemeral Spaces,” William Cordova. The artist explores transcultural migration in a multimedia installation.

Oct. 20-Dec. 9: “Seeing | Saying: Images and Words.Reception and gallery talk: Oct. 20. Contemporary works from 18 artists that play upon and experiment with words and images.

Oct. 20-Dec. 9: “In Evidence”: Bethany Collins. Reception and gallery talk: Oct. 20. Using educational materials and found text, the artist explores the relationship between race and language.

Other events: Lecture by W.J.T. Mitchell: Nov. 3; Lecture and artwork by Nick Sousanis: Nov. 10.

Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture

551 S. Tryon St.; ganttcenter.org.

Through Jan. 16: “Quilts and Social Fabric: Heritage and Improvisation.” Artistic quilt maker Faith Ringgold’s work is featured with others, looking at both traditional African-American quilts and expressive, decorative, artistic and improvised ones.

Through Jan. 16: “Shaping the Vessel: Mascoll + Samuel.” Twenty works in wood by John Mascoll and Avelino Samuel.

Through Jan. 16: “Nellie Ashford: Through My Eyes.” Thirty new mixed-media works illustrating memories and experiences of her life and those around her, by Charlotte native and folk artist Ashford.

Jan. 28-July 30: “The Future is Abstract.Curated by Dexter Wimberley. This exhibit will highlight the work of four (4) multidisciplinary, contemporary African-American artists working in abstract painting and sculpture.

Jan. 28-July 30: “Jordan Casteel: Harlem (title subject to change).” Curated by Joeonna Bellorado-Samuels. This is an exhibition highlighting the work of Brooklyn-based artist, Jordan Casteel

Jan. 28-July 30: “Alison Saar: Bearing Weight Bearing Witness (title subject to change).” Curated by Dr. Michael D. Harris. Highlighting the works of renowned artist Alison Saar.

Levine Museum of the New South

200 E. 7th St.; museumofthenewsouth.org.

Through Sept. 18: “The Storied South: Voices of Writers and Artists.” Stories and photos from folklorist William Ferris.

The Light Factory

Photography and film center; 1817 Central Ave.; www.lightfactory.org.

Through Oct. 14: Annuale 8. Juried national competition.

Oct. 24-Nov. 5: Annual auction works displayed (auction Nov. 5.)

Nov. 18-Jan. 6: “Heightened Perspectives.” Reception Nov. 18. Work by Ethan Jackson and Phil Solomon, shown in conjunction with UNCC. will be projected onto walls and across the space.

Jan. 19-April 7: “Lilith”: International group show of women artists, guest curator Jonell Logan. Reception Jan. 19.

April 20-June 2: Members’ show.

McColl Center for Art + Innovation

721 N. Tryon St.; mccollcenter.org.

Through Nov. 5: “Shared Space: A New Era.” Works by 23 artists from nine countries, these span about 25 years.

Beginning Nov. 11: “remember,” Ivan Toth Depeña. The alumnus artist-in-residence’s building-wide, multimedia installation will have a “choose your own adventure” mechanism.

Mint Museum

Randolph (2730 Randolph Road) and Uptown (500 S. Tryon St.): mintmuseum.org.

Sept. 16: Curator preview of upcoming season. (Uptown.)

Oct. 22: 80th anniversary celebration with free, day-long admission to both sites.

Oct. 22-Jan. 22: Women of Abstract Expressionism.(Uptown.) First major museum exhibition to focus on the women affiliated with the Abstract Expressionist movement from 1945 to 1960, from Helen Frankenthaler and Lee Krasner to Judith Godwin and Perle Fine.

Oct. 22-Feb. 26: Fired Up: Women in Glass. (Uptown.) First American art museum exhibition about contemporary women artists who work with glass.

April 22-Sept. 3: “State of the Art: Discovering American Art Now.” (Uptown.)

March 11-Aug. 13: “The Wyeths: Three Generations.” (Randolph.)


Rowe and Storrs galleries at main campus, 9201 University City Blvd.; Projective Eye Gallery at 320 E. 9th St.; arts.uncc.edu.

Sept. 16-Nov. 30: “Heightened Perspectives.” Reception Sept. 16; film screening Oct. 22. Through experimental film projected on the gallery wall and window, this exhibition, in conjunction with the Light Factory, offers the idiosyncratic perspectives of artists Phil Solomon and Ethan Jackson.

Sept. 16-July 1: “A City on Its Side, Sharon Dowell. Commissioned in tandem with “Heightened Perspectives” is a mural by local artist and UNC Charlotte alumna Dowell.

Oct. 3-Nov. 2, concurrent: Anne Austin Pearce (new paintings on paper) and Kit Kube (site-specific installation). Reception and artists’ lecture Oct. 3.

Dec. 15-Feb. 17: Brent Skidmore and Bobby Campbell. Reception Jan. 13.

Feb. 24-April 27: “Keeping Watch on Habitat,” fourth installment of environmental initiative series. Reception Feb. 24.

Winthrop University Galleries

126 McLaurin Hall, Rock Hill; www.winthrop.edu/galleries.

Through Sept. 23:Works In Black and White,” Tom Stanley. Reception, gallery talk Sept. 16. Paintings by Stanley, Fine Arts chair of the university.

Through Nov. 11:Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See,” Charles Williams. Work inspired by recent and historical incidents of unlawful police brutality in the United States.

Through Sept. 26: Putting a Face on Syria, Tina Manley. Artist’s lecture Sept. 13. The Syrian refugee crisis, through photographs by the journalist.

Oct. 10-Nov. 11: Mario Marzan.

Dec. 2-March 10: “Eye to Eye,” Phil Moody.

Dec. 2-March 10: “Hovering, Mark Hamilton. Reception Dec. 2. The Winthrop professor’s photographs explore his interest in “the departure from reality.”

Goodyear Arts

516 N. College St.; goodyeararts.com.

Sept. 22: Laura Allen and Merrie Terillion, opening of duo installation.

Sept. 30: “Unibrow” opening, a show described as “low brow and high brow art.”

Oct. 21: Renee Cloud, Jeff Jackson, Andy McMillan.

Nov. 18: Opening for Graham Carew/Robert Childers duo show and Tom Thoune installation.

Dec. 16: Opening for Dylan Gilbert, Grace Stott, Andrea Vail; installation by Cat Babbie.

Jerald Melberg Gallery

Sept. 16-Nov. 5: “Celebration,” Lee Hall. Landscapes.

Nov. 12-Jan. 14: Kim Keever and Felicia van Bork. Large-scale photographs of miniature topographies; monotype collages of natural vistas.

Jan. 21-March 18: Ben Schonzeit x 2. Paintings and collages.

March 24-May 6: Chris Clamp. Still-life paintings.

Elder Gallery

1520 S. Tryon St.; elderart.com

Through Oct. 1: “A Natural State.” Paintings by Stephanie Neely and David Skinner of Asheville.

Oct. 7-Nov. 26: Invitational 2016. Five artists to watch.

Jan. 6-Feb. 25: Martha Armstrong. Landscape paintings.

ClearWater Artist Studios

223 Crowell Dr. NW, Concord; clearwaterartists.com

Through Sept. 30: “Return to the Land of My Ancestors,” Robert Alvin Crum. Paintings exploring the legacies Crum, a descendant of Daniel Boone, has researched.

Oct. 5-30: Faculty show, fine-art faculty of Rowan-Cabarrus Community College.

Nov. 1-30: Louise Farley. Paintings.

December: Animal Heads,” Dusti Williams and Brandi McKenna.

January: Earth, Wind and Fire” (working title), four regional artists.

Feb. 11 (tentative): “Portrait Paint-Off and Master Portraitist Show.” Panel of local master portrait artists (juried) and 6-12 more local artists (non-juried) create portrait of same model in two hours.

May 2017: “Storytelling As Healing” (working title), Nelli Levental. Miniature paper cutouts, stage sets and video-paintings.

Hodges Taylor Arts Consultancy

118 E. Kingston Ave.; www.hodgestaylor.com

Opening Sept. 23: “cusp: photographs of contemporary girlhood by Carolyn DeMeritt and Margaret Strickland.” Reception Sept. 23.

LaCa Projects

1429 Bryant St., www.lacaprojects.com

Through Nov. 5: “The Other Side,” Eduardo Cardozo. Figurative and abstract paintings.

Nov. 10-Jan. 14: “Requiem,” Leandro Manzo. Mixed-media figurative expressionism.

Jan. 19-April 1: Cristina Toro. Paintings and works on paper.

April 6-June 17: “Brazil!Four emerging, Brazilian contemporary artists.

June 22-Sept. 2: “Collective III.” Highlights of past Latin American contemporary exhibitions and new works.

Lark & Key

128 E. Park Ave.; larkandkey.com

Sept. 2-Oct. 29: “Myth Makers.Paintings and mixed media, on the passage of time, otherworldly beauty.

Nov. 4-Dec. 30: Holiday Showcase.

Feb. 3-March 31: “Waxing Poetic.Encaustic work.

April 6-May 27: Vicki Sawyer. Whimsical avian and animal paintings.

June 2-July 29: “Storybook.Modern myths and fairytales by Mary Alayne Thomas and guest.

Sept. 1-Oct. 28: Duy Huynh and Jeanie Tomanek. Narrative and figurative paintings.

New Gallery Of Modern Art

435 S. Tryon St., newgalleryofmodernart.com.

Oct. 5-Nov. 15: “The Worlds of Hunt Slonem.” Reception Oct. 12.

Oct. 18-Dec. 30: “Open City,” Isaac Payne, and “The Last Summer On Earth,” Barbara Schreiber. Reception Nov. 18.

SOCO Gallery

421 Providence Road; www.soco-gallery.com

Through Oct. 7: “La Vie Bohème,” Ken Van Sickle. Photography.

Oct. 12-27: Works from “Around That Time, Horst at Home in Vogue,” Horst P. Horst. Book signing with Ivan Shaw.

Nov. 4-Dec. 3: Clare Rojas.