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An impressive arts two-fer one night in Charlotte

Collector (and artist/filmmaker) David Raymond at the Light Factory.
Collector (and artist/filmmaker) David Raymond at the Light Factory. Courtesy of the Light Factory

Last Thursday night about 7 o’clock, about 2 miles apart in Charlotte, an internationally recognized collector of art and an internationally collected artist each got up in front of a few dozen people and offered wildly different bits of themselves.

David Raymond, best known for acquiring unheard of 20th-century surrealist photography, schooled a Light Factory audience on the joy of collecting (and paper conservation!), while painter and installation artist Clare Rojas sang smokily of love and loss at SOCO Gallery, with something of a Nico-meets-Iris-DeMent vibe (and in her alternate identity: recording artist Peggy Honeywell). Raymond spoke as a prelude to the Light Factory’s annual fundraising auction, which was Nov. 5; Rojas was in town for the opening of a show of her abstract paintings.

Keeper quotes of the night:

Raymond advising anyone considering gifting an important collection to an art museum (!), quoting another collector: “I’m a philanthropist, not an idiot!” Make it part purchase, part gift, he coached, and everyone benefits: the museum, you, and the public. (The Cleveland Museum of Art exhibited a 167-photo collection of his that it acquired, titled “Forbidden Games,” and he was an adviser to the Getty for years.)

Rojas, winding up her guitar (no banjo) performance: “I’ve got one more. Well, I’ve got 75 more, but I’m going to play one more.” The artist, on whom there’s a new monograph, and who has work in the Whitney and Museum of Modern Art among others, also found time to do a wall drawing at the gallery. The show’s on view through Dec. 17.

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