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Melissa Conroy’s ‘Lowcountry Coloring Book’

I was just wondering when we might be hearing from one of Pat Conroy’s children.

And here she is -- artist Melissa Conroy is out with “The Lowcountry Coloring Book: Charleston, Savannah, The Sea Islands and Beyond.”

This adult coloring book (an advanced middle-schooler could maybe tackle it) offers 44 drawings, which can be combined to make 16-inch four-square portraits.

Melissa Conroy, born in Beaufort, was early introduced to the “sights, smells and colors of the world on Hancock Street in Beaufort’s historic neighborhood, the Point.” She writes in the introduction that she combed her fingers “through curly Spanish moss and made mud pies from the rich soil. On the waterfront, I squished my toes in silky marsh mud and cut my feet on oyster shells.”

She captures well the Lowcountry’s “arrested state of decay,” and she makes you long to hear from her dad just one more time.