Reading Matters

‘Bible’ makes list of most challenged during Banned Books Week

It’s National Banned Books Week, and the American Library Association has posted its annual list of frequently challenged books.

For the first time, the Bible makes the challenged list for its:

a. sexual explicitness

b. violence

c. relgious viewpoint

d. evocative love songs

e. predictions of doom

The answer, if you can fathom it, is c. “religious viewpoint.”

First on the challenged list is John Green’s young adult novel, “Looking for Alaska,” with objections to its “offensive language” and “sexually explicit” scenes. Second is E.L. James’s erotic novel, “Fifty Shades of Grey,” for being “sexually explicit” and “poorly written.”

The Bible was in sixth place. “Two Boys Kissing,” by David Levithan was in 10th place for “homosexuality” and condoning “public displays of affection.”