Reading Matters

So you want to write haiku

You want to write haiku.

You write haiku and want to get better.

You don’t write haiku but want to read haiku.

Have I got a deal for you!

Award-winning Charlotte poet Martin Settle is out with a dandy little book, “Coming to Attention: Developing the Habit of Haiku,” published by Charlotte’s Main Street Rag ($10). It’s an adorable-looking book, exactly the size a haiku book should be.

The book is filled with wisdom about the benefits of haiku and with haikus Settle himself has written.

Here are a couple:

seventieth birthday

better eat the banana

with freckled skin

and another:

thirtieth class reunion

your name

still on the water tower

“As gratifying as it is to be appreciated or published,” Settle writes, “the important part of haiku is the spiritual exercise that it provides you. Developing the habit of haiku will add a new energy to your day by allowing you to participate in the mystery of existence, which blazes forth at the oddest and most unpredictable moments.”