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Depression: ‘Stick with person you love’

“Looking back, I would say that sticking with the person you love through the stressful dramas of mood disorder can eventually be incredibly rewarding. Depression, Johns Hopkins psychiatrist Ray de Paulo notes, eats away at the heart of every relationship. One must be sensitive, nurture the fragile connections, humor the sufferer like a baby. Do not say, ‘Pull up your socks, you’re fine.’ Each ‘case’ is as different as each person’s suffering – and as different as each person’s spousal relationship – but I know from my friends that a significant number of the manifestations and underlying patterns of thought and behavior can be quite similar. Perhaps the best thing one can do is to act on intuition. And keep intuition’s third eye open forever, after recovery, to note the first trembling turning leaves of a change of season.”

-- Rose Styron on her husband William Styron’s depression in the book, “Unholy Ghost: Writers on Depression,” by Nell Casey with an introduction by Kay Redfield Jamison.