Reading Matters

What happened to Hemingway’s shotgun?

From a new book about Ernest Hemingway by Andrew Farah, due in April, called “Hemingway’s Brain.” It is categorized as “biography,” “medical history,” and “psychology.”

“The shotgun Hemingway used to end his life was retrieved by his friend Chuck Atkinson, who took it to a local welding shop owned by Elvin Brooks. Chuck had already busted the stock off, out of frustration and anger, and Brooks cut the gun into three pieces. They were so concerned about souvenir hunters that the pieces were buried in a secret location that Brooks’s son believes will never be discovered because of subsequent construction in the area.”

The author is chief of psychiatry at the High Point Division of the University of North Carolina Healthcare System. A native of Charleston, he is a graduate of Clemson University and the Medical University of South Carolina.