Reading Matters

Imagine! Joan Didion as sorority girl

Oh, I have the new Joan Didion book, “South and West: From a Notebook” – it’s an advance reading copy so I can only say a bit about it.

But I found this extraordinary passage:

“Note: Thinking about southern girls I had known in New York, the astonishing way their life in the South remained more vivid to them than anything that was happening to them in the city. Esther Nicol, when told I had been a Tri Delt at Berkeley, sniffed and said that at Ole Miss the Tri Delt house was ‘mostly Mississippi girls.’ To Esther, who was from Memphis, this meant something real. Again, remembering having lunch with a girl from Nashville who was working at Conde Nast. She would have to leave in a month, she told me, because (at) home in Nashville the season was beginning and her grandmother was giving a party.”

Makes sense to me.