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Sandburg to daughter: Slowly, quietly, never giving up

Carl and Lilian Sandburg
Carl and Lilian Sandburg

In 1921, Carl and Lilian Sandburg’s daughter Margaret was diagnosed with epilepsy. She was being treated at Michigan’s Battle Creek Sanitarium but Sandburg was unable to visit her. Instead, he wrote her this letter on Nov. 21, 1921:

Dear Margaret:

This is only a little letter from your daddy to say he thinks about you hours and hours and he knows that there was never a princess or a fairy worth so much love. We are starting on a long journey and hard fight – you and mother and daddy – and we are going to go on slowly, quietly, hand in hand, the three of us, never givng up. And we we are going to win. Slowly, quietly, never giving up, we are going to win. -- Daddy

-- From “Letters of Note, Volume Two: An Eclectic Collection Deserving of a Wider Audience,” Compiled by Shaun Usher. Chronicle Books.