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If you love frogs, you are in luck this week

Do you love frogs?

Seriously. If you do, you are so in luck.

Internationally acclaimed nature photographer, author and conservationist Robin Moore has spent many of his days scouring the planet for frogs that have otherwise been lost to science. Moore will be discussing his new book In Search of Lost Frogs—which captures his globetrotting adventures—at two local events, one in Charlotte April 16, and one in Rock Hill April 18.

I have not seen the book, but the press release says that In Search of Lost Frogs “ a story of many things: perseverance, disappointment, rediscovery and resilience. Ultimately, however, it is a story of hope, even in the face of the global amphibian crisis, which threatens nearly 50 percent of the world’s amphibians with extinction.”

The Guardian named the book one of the best nature books of 2014; Mother Nature Network called it the best book of 2014 in conservation photography; and the website the Dodo included it on a 2014 list of 14 books that changed the way people view animals.

Moore will be on the Mike Collins Show on Thursday at 9 a.m., and he will talk at 7 p.m. Thursday at Park Road Books, Park Road Shopping Center, 4139 Park Road, Charlotte, N.C., 28209.

He will also talk at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Community Performance Center, 249 East Main St., Rock Hill, S.C., 29730

Both talks are free and open to the public.