Reading Matters

Rebecca Foust’s ‘On the Wagon’ from ‘Paradise Drive’

Rebecca Foust practiced law for 10 years, and at age 50, took a writing workshop which changed her course. She earned an MFA in poetry at Warren Wilson College in 2010 and has published three poetry collections and two chapbooks of poetry. This year, she won the Press 53 Award for Poetry judged by Tom Lombardo. In 2014, she served as Dartmouth Poet-in-Residence at the Frost Place and was also a recipient of a MacDowell Colony residence award. Her latest collection, “Paradise Drive,” was published this year by Press 53, P.O. Box 30314, Winston-Salem, NC 27130.


Curse you, brown bottle beaded with dew,

your long cool draught on a hot July day

and damp-newsprint-page night; I detest

your fresh-bread taste, your cold heft

in my hand. Curse you, thick mug of dark rum,

warm in the cold nights and mornings come,

too soon, after; I hate how you burn down

my throat, turn liquid the ice of my bones.

Curse you, red wine in a thin crystal globe,

viscous and luscious and round as the world,

how you draw blood to my lips, force-bloom

my March mouth, gold-leaf a gray room.

Your slug of raw silk and smoke, its hot lick

at the back of my throat – thick, thick with ache –

-- From “Paradise Drive” (Press 53, $14.95 paper).