Reading Matters

Clyde Edgerton at Mountain Island Library

Novelist Clyde Edgerton once told me that you could either be a little bit of a celebrity and a little bit of a writer, or a big celebrity and no writer at all.

Well, let me tell you, I’ve never seen Edgerton perform when he was a little bit of anything. And most folks know what a big writer he is, beginning with his first novel, “Raney,” one of the most hilarious short novels in the history of literature.

Believe it or not, Edgerton will be at the Mountain Island Library, 420 Hoyt Galvin Way, Charlotte, 28214, on Wednesday from 6:30-7:30 p.m. He’ll be talking about his most recent novel, “Lunch at the Piccadilly,” written with composer Mike Craver, which will appear as a musical at Charlotte’s Booth Playhouse, Sept. 17-Oct. 4.

“Lunch at the Piccadilly” is a spoof on nursing homes, focusing on the fictional Rosehaven retirement home, just bought by Ballard College, which promised “no changes.” But already the cornbread is a bit off, according to the residents. And no telling what will happen next.

No copies of “Piccadilly” will be for sale, but Edgerton has agreed to autograph any copies of his books you bring in.

Seating is limited. Call 704-416-5600 to reserve space.