Reading Matters

Babies need Bach for brain power

“Put on music and dance with your baby,” writes UNCC’s Rebecca Shore.

She’s not talking about your baby as in your sweetheart. She’s talking about your baby-baby in her just-released book, “Developing Young Minds from Conception to Kindergarten” (Rowman & Littlefield).

Shore, who teaches in the College of Education at UNCC, earned her BA degree at LSU in music education, and she believes music is good for developing the synaptic firings in baby’s brain.

If you’ve ever watched babies -- even those under a year old -- erupt with joy as they watch dancers on TV, you understand what Shore means when she says “music matters in the lives of young children.”

I’ll admit it’s a bit of a stretch to imagine the busy mothers of infants or toddlers having time to read every word of this well-reseached book. But if you’re the mother or the grandmother of a busy mother, tell them this: Bach is tops for building the brains of babies and toddlers.

Shore recommends the four “Bach & Baby” titles: “Playtime,” “Bedtime,” “Bathtime,” “Traveltime.” She warns consumers not to fall for the “dumbed down” versions, which might be labeled “inspired by the music of Bach” or “especially designed for little ears.”

Give your baby the original Bach, she says. The best the world has to offer.