Reading Matters

Hair: ‘Untangling an Obsession’

If you’re wondering what to get her or her or her – and it is getting late, you know – I have a great suggestion.

It’s “Me, My Hair and I: Twenty-seven Women Untangle an Obsession,” edited by Elizabeth Benedict.

Among the 27 women are Anne Lamott, Jane Smiley and Deborah Tannen.

This is a thoughtful, often-hilarious, emotion-soaked look at that stuff we women have made an industry of.

Adriana Trigiani says, “Never one to sulk, I shook up my routine and cut my long hair short, into a wedge. It was a disaster. I was the only girl in my ninth-grade class who looked fifty-three.”

Elizabeth Benedict: “I can’t bear admitting to myself that I belong to a cult, albeit millions of members strong, whose core belief -- whose only belief -- is that our fake hair color is essential to our well-being.”

Rosie Schaap: “How I once longed for hair like hers: how deeply and unhappily I knew I would never have it.”