Reading Matters

Kathy Reichs star of Sunday’s N.C. Bookwatch

It’s a brand-new season for D.G. Martin’s North Carolina Bookwatch on UNC-TV. And the headliner this week is Charlotte’s own Kathy Reichs. It’ll be a treat to watch Martin’s expressive face and acrobatic eyebrows as he quizzes Reichs on what prompts her to write these wonderfully grisly, you-never-know-where-a-body-part-will-turn-up mysteries – 18 of them New York Times bestsellers.

Her latest, “Speaking in Bones,” is set in Mecklenburg County and stars crime-solving anthropoligst Tempe Brennan. Tempe seeks the help of Zeb Ramsey, a fictional Avery County sheriff’s deputy, to solve a complicated mystery of a missing person and, yes, unidentified body parts.

This is bound to be informative and fun.

Tune into UNC-TV at noon this Sunday and again on Thursday at 4 p.m.

P.S. Martin will interview novelist and short story writer Ron Rash at noon on Jan. 24.