Reading Matters

‘Intimacy’ anthology includes many guises

What is intimacy?

According to poets, it’s many things.

It’s yanking “the medical tape, ripping the hair from his skin... ,” as in Elizabeth Jackson’s poem, “Dressing the Wound.”

For Winston’s Joe Mills, it’s hunting “for beer cans along back roads,” with his father, who smoked “Kool after Kool, as I scrambled / around ditches, and he would admire / anything I scavenged from weeds...”

For Raleigh’s Betty Adcock, it’s remembering her late husband: “I’ve realized late, able to see it only in the daily dark / that is your whole absence...”

Whatever intimacy is, Richard Krawiec, Debra Kaufman, Stephanie Levin and Alan Michael Parker have created an anthology called “Intimacy” (Jacar Press, $16.95) bursting with poems from poets the Carolinas and beyond.

At 7 p.m., on Friday at Park Road Books, you can hear some of the poets included in the anthology read their poems.

On hand will be Charlotte poets David Radavitch, Julie Suk, Lucinda Grey, Barbara Conrad, as well as others.

Park Road Shopping Center is at 4139 Park Road, Park Road Shopping Center, Charlotte.

The reading is free and you’re invited.