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Suk: A ‘stone-cold killer poet’

The Charlotte poet Julie Suk, who, at 91, is still publishing in some of the country’s best journals, recently had a book, “Astonished to Wake,” from Jacar Press.

The book made its way to Canada where a reviewer praised Suk:

“The better the poetry, the further under the skin it goes,” writes blogger Michael Dennis. “These poems go deep.

“ ‘Astonished to Wake’ is one of those books of poetry your friends will be glad you made them read. They will want to pass it on to their friends, and so on. This is sad wisdom, hard-earned knowledge, and Suk shares it with us in poems that are cut like diamonds, little pieces of something harder than our hearts, shining in every facet.

“It takes a lot to make poetry out of loss, and then it takes a lot more to make it beautiful. Julie Suk is a stone-cold killer poet – she’s welcome at our fire anytime.”