Reading Matters

Lee Smith and Taylor Brown headline this year’s Queens Book and Author

Lee Smith and Taylor Brown will be on hand for the 45th Book and Author Event. Smith’s latest is a memoir, “Dimestore: A Writer’s Life,” about the dimestore her father owned in Grundy, Va. Here young Smith began to listen for the stories she would one day put into her bestselling novels and short stories.

Taylor Brown’s debut novel is “Fallen Land,” about a young couple in the last year of the Civil War, fleeing a band of marauders. Alabama writer Pinckney Benedict has compared him to Cormac McCarthy.

The speakers will be at two events: On March 7, 6:30-8:00 p.m., in “A Conversation with the Authors,” in Burwell Parlors. $35. On March 8, at a noon luncheon in Morrison Hall. $50.

Proceeds benefit Everett Library on the campus. Information: 704-688-2708.

Smith will appear Sunday at noon on D.G. Martin’s “Bookwatch” on UNC-TV.