Reading Matters

Practical guide to leadership says: ‘Grow up!’

Here’s how to start a book with a bang!

Co-authors John Charles Kunich of UNCC and Richard I. Lester, dean of academics at the Ira C. Baker Center, Air University, U.S. Air Force, give us “Yes, You’re a Leader: A Practical Guide to Leadership for Real People.”

And they’ve called Chapter One “Grow Up!”

That chapter alone is a terrific primer on how to be an adult in the workplace, including advice on acting and speaking your age, tempering your temper and waiting with patience.

Another chapter is on “Crisis Leadership and Raoul Wallenberg,” which is a discussion of “the stunning and inspirational story of the Righteous Gentile who personally saved over 100,000 Hungarian Jews from the Holocaust. Anaylysis of how he did it, why he did it, and how any leader can use these meethods to overcome every crisis today.”

The final chapter, “Healing Your Achilles’ Heel,” gives “practical insights into identifying and then gaining control over your biggest vulnerabilities.”

An invaluable gift for the graduate.