Reading Matters

Three new novels set on beautiful, blue coasts

Not planning a trip to the beach this summer, but you’re longing for a book that’s set by a bright blue body of water? Any bright blue body of water?

Here are three novels that ought to satisfy your craving.

“Island in the Sea: A Majorca Love Story,” by Anita Hughes. In this sixth novel by Hughes, Juliet Lyman is a senior executive at Yesterday Records. Her boss sends her to Majorca, Spain, to work with a tortured but talented client.

“She had only been in Majorca for two days but already she thought the whole world consisted of narrow streets and bright plazas and views of fishing boats bobbing on the Mediterranean. She saw the Tramuntana Mountains and sweeping green valleys and olive trees clinging to the cliffs.”

“The Weekendeers,” by Mary Kay Andrews. Set on fictional Belle Island, N.C., this is the upteenth novel by Andrews, who also wront “Beach Town.” Here, as Riley Griggs waits on her husband’s ferry to arrive, she is served with papers telling her that her island house is being foreclosed. And where’s her husband? Who knows?

“Riley paused at the top of the dune and looked out at the spectacle below. Festive white party lights were strung from the corners of a large blue-and-white tent, attached to tall poles planted on the beach. The sky was already turning amethyst, and a breeze stirred the sea oats.”

“This Too Shall Pass,” by Milena Busquets. Set on Cadaques on the coast of Portugal, Blanca at 40, is grieving the death of her mother. To heal, she arrives in Cadaques with her two sons, two ex-husbands and two best friends, and makes plans to meet her married love “for a few stolen moments.” OK. We’ll have to read to see if this works.

“The sea is like a silver plate; its surface sparkles as if all the stars of the night before had fallen in.”