Reading Matters

What happened to Theodosia Burr?

Remember the story of Aaron Burr, whose daughter, Theodosia, was lost off the Carolina coast in 1813 with the schooner Patriot?

The redoubtable novelist Erika Marks has incorporated that intriguing story in her latest, “The Last Treasure,” set on North Carolina’s Outer Banks and due in bookstores today from Penguin.

“The Last Treasure” is an adventure/love story about a salvage diver named Liv and her somewhat troubled marriage to the hedonistic Whit. But Liv discovers a diary of Theodosia’s at a collector’s sale – a diary written after the Patriot’s disappearance. The clues pull Liv back into the mystery of what might have happened to the Patriot.

For Outer Banks lovers, the familiarity of the terrain will delight.