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Cli-Fi: Superstorm rips through novel

I have a friend – a lover of impending storms – who’s going to be thrilled with this new genre: It’s called Cli-Fi.

Yes, it’s true. Climate Fiction. A big cli-fi novel, due later this month, is Meg Little Reilly’s “We Are Unprepared,” about a mid-30s couple, Pia and Ash, who leave careers in Brooklyn for a more self-reliant lifestyle in a yellow farmhouse on a slanted road in a little Vermont town called Isole (in Fench, the word means isolated, remote, lonely.)

This impending superstorm – just preparing for it – changes everything: the town, the environment and Pia and Ash’s marriage.

Meg Little Reilly has been the deputy communications director for the White House Office of Management and Budget, and a former Treasury spokesperson under the Obama Administration and communicator for the Environmental Defense Fund. A native of Vermont, she lives in Boston with her husband and two daughters.