'American Idol' star is cookin' along

David Cook, victor of the seventh season of ”American Idol,” is in good spirits on the phone from the Albany, N.Y., tour stop of the ”American Idols Live” tour. ”The response has been great to everyone,” says the 25-year-old from Blue Springs, Mo.

Cook is whirling through the familiar frantic schedule of his predecessors: He's playing a nationwide tour (which stops Aug. 17 in Charlotte) with his fellow finalists. And he's jetting off to various studios between gigs to record his debut album with respected producer Rob Cavallo, who's worked with Green Day and My Chemical Romance. Cook says the album is slated for release in mid-November.

Q. As a big Green Day fan, what did you think when you heard Rob Cavallo was interested?

Rob's top tier. He came to us, and I took that as a massive compliment. We talked about what we wanted to do, and everything just clicked.

Q. What kind of a record are you hoping to make?

I just told Rob that I want to put out a real record. I want it to be a rock record. I want there to be an interesting vibe to it, and the three artists that I talked about were Our Lady Peace, Big Wreck and Muse. I don't want to completely start copying other records, but I want to have interesting textures and sounds.

Q. Did you write much while you were working on the show and will you be including any of your pre-“Idol” stuff on the record?

I didn't have a whole lot of time to write on the show. The good news is when I got off the show I had five months worth of writing to get out. June was amazingly fruitful, I think in the first three weeks we wrote about 20 songs. And then with the material I had from before the show – because I had released one record and had another record finished – I think we're in the 50s.

Q. Have you encountered any “Cougars for Cook” on tour?

I have encountered a few cougars, and they've been very sweet, very respectful, and I'm glad to have them in my family. From a generic guy standpoint it's always nice when a female gives you attention. It doesn't really matter who they are or where they're at in their life, it's just cool. (Laughs).

Q. You studied theater for part of your college career. Do you have any designs on an acting career?

Basically what I told 19 and RCA is that I just want to put myself out there, and if the right anything comes along I'm certainly open to giving it a look. I may have read a script here or there, but nothing's really come out of the woodwork yet.