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Rated R for pervasive language, violence, sexual content, some drug material and brief nudity.

What it's about: There's a long line of cool New York City detectives called Shaft, and in this one, millennial meets old school.

The kid attractor factor: Some teens might be drawn to the stars and action genre.

Good lessons/bad lessons: Bad lesson: Turn to violence to be a man.

Violence: Brutal shootouts and fights throughout.

Language: Swearing throughout.

Sexuality: References to sex, sexual objectification of women, homophobic comments and a scene of brief topless female nudity.

Drugs: References to drugs, drug trafficking, drug overdoses, etc.

Parents advisory: Not too bad, but too mature for most kids.


Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action, some language and suggestive material.

What it's about: The alien fighting government organization is back with their neuralizers, ready to take on a whole new generation of extraterrestrials.

The kid attractor factor: Kids will be drawn to the humor, colorful alien characters and stars Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth.

Good lessons/bad lessons: Learn to trust yourself and each other. The universe always puts you in the right place and the right time for a reason. Trust your gut.

Violence: Some scenes of fighting, laser gun fights and action.

Language: A few instances of swearing.

Sexuality: Some references to sexuality.

Drugs: References to alien party drugs.

Parents advisory: Fun, silly action romp appropriate for older kids and teens.