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‘The Divergent Series: Insurgent’


Tris continues to search for allies while being hunted. Shailene Woodley stars. Director Robert Schwentke (replacing Neil Burger, who guided the first film) mounts a couple of big action scenes. Computer technology allows for visuals that are staggeringly amazing. There’s just nothing left when all the dust clears.

‘Far from the Madding Crowd’


Carey Mulligan stars in the latest big screen version of the Thomas Hardy literary classic. As good as the landscapes are, they pale in comparison to the sweeping emotional range Carey Mulligan brings to the story’s central heroine, Bathsheba Everdene. With only a hint of a smile, she reveals emotional moments deep as any well. A loving glance creates mountains of emotional drama.

‘Do You Believe?’

A series of events brings a group of people together and tests their faith. Mia Sorvino stars. In a spiritual version of “Crash,” 12 people come together – each with a different level of belief. The only common bond for them is a small wooden cross handed out to a congregation by a pastor (Ted McGinley) who realizes even he might not be living his life as a true believer.

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