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‘Hell on Wheels: Season 4’


“Hell on Wheels” has all the trappings of a typical Western from six-shooters to horses. But it’s not about the guys who wear white or black hats. Instead, it’s an examination of the racism, greed and politics that drove people during that period and continue today. How those topics will be broached can be seen as this season of “Hell on Wheels” that originally aired on AMC.


Granted, this ABC series is little more than a fancy soap opera. But, the familiar elements are done so well and with such passion that it’s worth your time. Kerry Washington is amazing as the woman in the middle of numerous mysteries and secrets. There have been attempts to make clones of the series, but this show is too original when it comes to guilty pleasure fun to copy.


A computer hacker threatens people online to find the truth about a suicide. Not since “The Blair Witch Project” in 1999 has a horror film taken such a creative approach to conjure scares as “Unfriended.”

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