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‘The Age of Adaline’

Parts of “Age of Adaline” are magical: the fairy-tale-type narration, the idea that love is timeless, and the beautiful way San Francisco is presented. Each makes it feel sweet and alluring.

Other parts aren’t quite as inviting. The main conflict of a woman who can’t age and hides it from the world comes across as a little selfish. And the central conflict of loved ones aging past her doesn’t become a dramatic element until more than halfway through the film.

Those are problems, but they don’t do the movie in. Blake Lively is so charming, and co-star Harrison Ford is so emotionally commanding, that the movie falls on the side of a touching love story and not a creepy science-fiction yarn.

‘Beyond the Mask’


Man looks for redemption by becoming a masked hero in per-Revolutionary War times. Andrew Cheney stars.

This action film set in the months leading up to the Revolutionary War has the same strong visual effects, story and action sequences of films with 10 times the budget.

The movie could have settled heavily into the faith-based elements that come with movies made by Christian filmmakers. Instead, it becomes more of a “Pride & Prejudice” love story as Reynolds begins to fall for the local beauty, Charlotte Holloway (Kara Kilmer).

Also out this week

“Homeland Season 4”: Carrie (Claire Danes) goes after one of the world’s most dangerous terrorists.

“American Heist”: Brotherly love is put to the test. Hayden Christensen stars.

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