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‘In the Heart of the Sea’


A real-life battle with a huge whale serves as the inspiration for “Moby Dick.” Director Ron Howard not only recounts the telling of the whale of a tale to Herman Melville by one of the last survivors of the ill-fated mission, but he also focuses on the brutality of the whaling industry and the men who went through the ordeal. Chris Hemsworth stars.

‘The Peanuts Movie’


Charlie Brown and the gang are back for more adventures, including Snoopy’s heroic flying. The animated film from the company that produced “Rio” and “Ice Age” is a loving tribute to the characters first introduced through the creative talents of Charles Schulz.

‘Victor Frankenstein’


The tale of the doctor’s quest to create life is told from Igor’s point of view. Daniel Radcliffe stars.


Also out this week

“Macbeth”: Michael Fassbender stars in the latest film adaptation of Shakespeare.

“Grease Live!”: Julianne Hough stars.

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