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Alicia Witt in town to perform concert, mingle with ‘Walking Dead’ fans

Alicia Witt performs at the Evening Muse on Saturday night.
Alicia Witt performs at the Evening Muse on Saturday night. Alicia Witt Music

Alicia Witt, a classically trained musician who released a full-length debut of piano pop songs produced by Ben Folds in 2015, will perform on Saturday night at Evening Muse.

And though her music might not yet be familiar, if you’re a TV junkie, her name (or at least her face) probably is. The 41-year-old actress has had recurring roles on everything from CBS’s ’90s sitcom hit “Cybill” to fX’s neo-Western series “Justified.”

Witt also appeared this year on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” which is the main reason she’s in town this weekend. The horror series-inspired Walker Stalker Con ( will take over the Charlotte Convention Center Saturday and Sunday. She’s one of several former and current cast members who will appear.

In a recent interview with the Observer, she talked about fitting original music into her life, being a convention newbie, and drawing on characters for inspiration.

Q. How did this singer-songwriter thing come about?

I’ve been playing piano my whole life, but writing my own songs and playing my own shows has been within the last eight years or so. It’s something I wanted to do, but wasn’t brave enough to go ahead and share the songs I was writing.

Q. When did you start writing your own material?

I’ve always written. It’s what every writer will tell a new writer. You have to understand you’re going to write a number of songs that no one is ever going to hear and some you think are great and some are disappointing. I wanted to write brilliant songs and some of them weren’t. I’ve written hundreds of songs now and I co-write some and go to Nashville often, and it’s heading toward becoming an equal part of my life.

Q. How did you end up working in Nashville?

It’s been organic. Once I set the attention to take this part of my life seriously, it just snowballed. The first time that I was in Nashville six years ago, I was there for 24 hours and thought, ‘This is a place I need to live someday.’ The second time, I was there for 48 hours. My first day, I met Ben Folds in a diner and we had a bunch of friends in common.

Q. You’ve appeared in lots of Christmas movies. Will you play Christmas songs in your set?

I will definitely play “I’m Not Ready for Christmas.” People seem to know the words to it and I only have a few months every year when I get to play it.

Q. Do you ever draw on your characters’ fictional experiences in your writing?

I don’t normally unless I’m writing a song with the intention of pitching it for a thing I’m working on. I’ve gotten my songs placed in things that I’m in, but most of them have been written without them being intended to use in a specific thing. The song “Down” on (her album) “Revisionary History” is inspired by what I was going through living through my character on “Justified” (Wendy Crow) at the time. T.O.N.E.-Z (the rapper who appears on the track) is actually in town and will join me at the show for our song.

Q. Have you done a lot of conventions?

This is the first year I’ve done them. “Walking Dead” fandom is unlike any other. It’s kind of mind-blowing. I’ve been acting for so long now, sometimes it feels like you’re putting (films and TV shows) out into a vacuum. To have someone say your role meant something to them or changed their life in some way makes me so overjoyed.

Alicia Witt

When: 10 p.m. Saturday.

Where: Evening Muse, 3227 N. Davidson St.

Tickets: $10.

Details: 704-376-3737;