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Six things you missed while you were Facebook Live-ing the Darius Rucker concert

FILE – Darius Rucker performs at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, Tenn.
FILE – Darius Rucker performs at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, Tenn. Al Wagner/Invision/AP

I dedicate this concert review to the dozen or so people I saw whip out Facebook's new live streaming tool to film Darius Rucker's concert at PNC Music Pavilion on Saturday.

It was bad enough when people held their phones up for the entire concert to take crappy videos with awful audio that they would never watch again. And now, we've moved past FaceTiming our friends and family and posting the video to our Snapchat story... We are Facebook Live-ing concerts.

Maybe I am Ms. Concert Manners, but I don't even whip out my phone for one or two photos until halfway through the concert, probably during a song I don't know or care for.

So for those who were too busy streaming the concert for their friends who didn't buy tickets and probably couldn't hear anything anyway to see, I paid attention for you.

1. You missed Rucker, 50, point a finger at at a group of teenaged girls in the pit and ask them to stop waving at him.

Then point at them again because they didn't stop. And then a third time.

"That is the most f—ing annoying thing ... Maybe when you get your braces off, you'll stop waving at me," Rucker quipped.

It was incredibly awkward, and you missed the entire thing.

2. You missed the chance to dance and sway with your spouse or partner or just another random person to "History in the Making."

A good Darius Rucker song is always worth dancing to, and you couldn't mess up your perfect Facebook Live shot to take advantage.

3. You also didn't get a chance to sit down and rest your legs the handful of times Rucker started to play one of his more obscure songs

There were plenty of opportunities — not too many, because Rucker knows how to put on a concert after this many years and he's not one to forget his fan favorites, like hand-clapping "This" and "Alright.”

(And you couldn't clap your hands. Y'all.)

4. You probably didn't see Rucker's 21-year-old daughter come out on stage twice — once with his opening acts, Dan + Shay and Michael Ray, for "Hold My Hand" and once for his "Wagon Wheel" encore.

The senior in college danced around the stage like she owned it. Her father laughed and shook his head.

5. You didn't bob and dance terribly to "No Diggity," which Rucker performs every year and never gets old.

It's hands down one of my favorite covers. You heard it, but you need to see it – through your own eyes, not your camera – to really enjoy it.

6. You didn't belt out the lyrics to his latest single, "If I Told You.”

I have been singing that song at the top of my lungs in the car for weeks, and I was thrilled for the opportunity to hear it live and sing along. It's one of the best songs Rucker has released in a long time, and just as powerful live.

But unless you entertained your Facebook Live viewers with your stellar voice, you did not experience it.