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Restaurant inspections for July 1-7

Scores filed by Mecklenburg County Health inspections for July 1-7 (Scores are in percentages). Date of inspection in parentheses.

Top 3

Publix Seafood. Grade 100. 8315 Magnolia Estates Dr. (July 2)

Panera Bread. Grade 99.5. 5940 Fairview Rd. (July 1)

Publix Produce. Grade 99.5. 8315 Magnolia Estates Dr. (July 2)

Bottom 3

Lempira Restaurant. Grade 80. 5906 South Blvd. Infractions include: Raw bacon and raw shrimp stored directly above milk and ready to eat chicken. (July 6)

La Paz Restaurante & Cantina. Grade 80. 1100 Metropolitan Ave. Infractions include: Dish machine at zero parts per million sanitizer. (July 1)

Peacock. Grade 84.5. 8145 Ardrey Kell Rd. Infractions include: Multiple knives on magnetic knife strip and one food fan with dried food debris stored as clean. (July 7)


Cook Out. Grade 97. 2540 Freedom Dr. (July 1)