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Mecklenburg County restaurant inspections

Scores filed by the Mecklenburg County Health Department for the week ending March 15. Scores are in percentages; date of inspection in parentheses.

Top 3

Barnes & Noble Cafe. Grade 99.5. 8725 Townley Road. (March 10)

Harris Teeter Meat/Seafood. Grade 99.5. 8600 University City Blvd. (March 10)

Food Lion Deli/Bakery. Grade 99.5. 9115 Samlen Lane. (March 15)

Bottom 3

Pho an Hoa. Grade 82.5. 4832 Central Ave. Infractions include: Fish balls and crab sticks holding above 45 degrees in flip top. Cold food must be held at or below 45 degrees. (March 14)

Philadelphia Deli. Grade 86. 1025 S. Kings Drive. Infractions include: Product stored in trash bags and thank you bags. (March 14)

Caffe Siena. Grade 86. 230 N. College St. Infractions include: Raw tuna stored above ready to eat soup. (March 9)


Nan & Bryon’s. Grade 94.5. 1714 South Blvd. (March 14)

Whisky River/PZA/Starbucks E Concourse. Grade 94. 5501 Josh Birmingham Pky. (March 10)

Wendy’s. Grade 93.5. 5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy. (March 10)