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Yiasou! A Greek festival glossary

Rustle up your appetite and dig out your Greek-English dictionary: Yiasou '08 has already begun!

Here, I'll get you started:

Yiasou (pronounced “yah-soo”) means hello, goodbye and cheers in Greek. But it also means the once-a-year pastry fest and all-around Greek immersion weekend at Dilworth's Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral.

Gyro (“yee-roh” – no “jie-roh” allowed) is the sliced meat wrapped in pita bread with tomatoes, onions and yogurt sauce. It's the most famous of Greek sandwiches and plenty are available at the fest.

Oh, and don't forget galaktabouriko (“ga-lak-ta-BOOR-ee-koh”): That's the custardy, phyllo-y dessert sold amid other sweets at tables on the church's expansive (for Dilworth) grounds.

And remembering loukoumades (“luke-uh-MAH-thess”) will help folks steer you to the booth selling hot, honey-dipped Greek donuts, sprinkled with cinnamon, while bakaliko (“bah-KAH-lee-koh”) will get you pointed to the little area where cheeses, olives, stuffed grape leaves and more are sold.

You need only say “platters” to be guided toward the entree combination plates of lamb, fish or chicken, with sides of the spinach and phyllo pies called spanakopita (“spah-nah-kaw-pee-tah”) and a lot more. You can get these inside the church building or in takeout boxes sold in drive-by fashion at the corner of East Boulevard and Winthrop Avenue. Booths outside sell sandwiches and more individually.

You have until Sunday night: Get eating.