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Chef contest, next round

Cornett’s dish.
Cornett’s dish.

The results from recent head-to-head cookoffs in the Got to Be NC chef competition:

March 29

Cornett Course_4_March 29.JPG
Cornett’s dish.

Matchup: Joe Cornett of The Flipside Café and Jon Ernst of Café Monte French Bakery and Bistro.

Surprise ingredients: Rosemary Pete’s beets and carrots.

Highest scoring dish of the night: Harissa-bourbon barrel-smoked salt lamb loin, Rosemary Pete’s beet-carrot ravioli, carrot-verjus butter, Benton’s Bacon confit, lamb-beef reduction (by Cornett).

Advancing: Cornett, with a score of 30.99672131 to 27.32679739.

March 30

Suppa Course_2_March 30.JPG
Suppa’s dish.

Matchup: Mike Suppa of Vivace and Melissa Joy Claude of Joy Bistro.

Surprise ingredients: N.C. chicken eggs.

Highest scoring dish of the night: Scott Farms sweet potato bisque, olive-oil-poached N.C. egg yolk, Benton’s Bacon gastrique, crispy mushroom salad, pickled red onion (by Suppa).

Advancing: Suppa, with a score of 29.67925608 to 25.94615385.

March 31

Bratton Course_2_March 31.JPG
Bratton’s dish.

Matchup: Aaron Rivera of Tapas 51 and Neil Bratton of Local Dish.

Surprise ingredients: Joyce Farms rabbit and Windcrest Farm radishes.

Highest scoring dish of the night: Joyce Farms rabbit ravioli, acorn squash-butternut squash bisque, Benton’s Bacon crouton, crispy Windcrest Farm radish leaves (by Bratton).

Advancing: Bratton, with a score of 28.07981221 to 26.48808411.