Helen Schwab

Chef contest update

Results from the most recent head-to-head cookoffs in the Got to Be NC chef competition:

April 6

Lutz Course_6_4.6.15.JPG
Chef Lutz’s dish. GOT TO BE N.C.

Matchup: John Morey of Bank of America Stadium and Brady Lutz of The Cypress Club and The Copper Grille.

Surprise ingredients: Uno Alla Volta ricotta and New Town Farms Bordeaux spinach.

Highest scoring dish of the night: Chocolate glazed profiteroles, Uno Alla Volta ricotta-vanilla bean ice cream, caramelized plantains, caramelized sugar, sour cherry (by chef Lutz).

Advancing: Morey, with a score of 29.40620915 to 26.78679868.

April 7

Daugherty_Litaker Course_2_4.7.15.JPG
Chefs Daugherty and Litaker’s dish. GOT TO BE N.C.

Matchup: Ryan Daugherty and Eric Litaker of Dogwood Southern Table & Bar (note: each team has three people, typically with one chef leading; this one named two, rather than one) and Travis Garrett of The Mandrake Small Plates & Wine.

Surprise ingredients: Chapel Hill Creamery Calvander and Smith Farms organic arugula.

Highest scoring dish of the night: Handmade Maple Leaf Farms duck chorizo, wood-grilled breast of duck, scallion-Chapel Hill Creamery Calvander grits cake, Smith Farms organic arugula verde, pickled radish (by chefs Daugherty and Litaker).

Advancing: Daugherty and Litaker, with a score of 28.57646432 to 24.61217949.