Helen Schwab

Into eating challenges? Here’s a list

Hwy 55’s challenge.
Hwy 55’s challenge. HWY 55

Among the burning questions of our time: Where, throughout the country, can I find grotesque eating challenges, in which I may win a T-shirt or my meal for free, or even better prizes (such as a tie-dye T-shirt!)?

Creditdonkey.com has compiled a list, you’ll be happy to know. North Carolina’s entries are:

▪ The national chain Hwy 55 (which does have Charlotte locations): Eat a burger with 55 ounces of meat and at least four toppings, plus fries and a 24-ounce soft drink in 30 minutes or less and you get it for free.

▪ Full Moon Oyster Bar (four locations, in Clemmons, Southern Pines, Morrisville and Jamestown): Eat four Quarter Moons (a raw oyster on a saltine with jalapeno, horseradish, black pepper and hot sauce) and you get a white T; eat five and you get a colored; eat six and you get a tie-dyed one!

Need to know the rest (in Charleston, you can get a headband at Bushido if you eat 10 increasingly spicy tuna rolls)? They’re here.