Helen Schwab

Competition dining catch-up

Dyrness’s high-scoring dish.
Dyrness’s high-scoring dish. Competition Dining Series

Catching up on the Competition Dining that pits area chefs in head-to-head contests, using N.C. foodstuffs:

April 12

Matchup: Chef Tom Dyrness of Mama Ricotta’s and Chef Ryan Forte of Southminster Retirement Community.

Surprise ingredient: Bertie County peanuts.

Highest scoring dish of the night: Flourless chocolate torte, roasted Bertie County peanut-chocolate glaze, peanut butter mousse, blackberry jam, sea salt caramel (by chef Dyrness).

Advancing: Dyrness, 29.76972302 to 29.34324835.

April 13

Matchup: Chef Steven Goff of King James Public House (Asheville) and Chef Paul Verica of Heritage Food & Drink.

Surprise ingredient: Coldwater Creek Farms organic grains.

Highest scoring dish of the night: Buttermilk panna cotta, Coldwater Creek Farms organic corn cake, sweet corn caramel, Bayne Brewing Company Hefeweizen-macerated N.C. berries, tarragon (by chef Goff).

Advancing: Goff, 28.22840000 to 27.15630810.

April 14

Matchup: Chef David Moore of Gallery Restaurant and Chef Ben Miles of BLT Steak.

Surprise ingredients: Goodnight Brothers Carolina cured ham and Goat Lady Dairy “Lindale.”

Highest scoring dish of the night: La Farm Bakery sourdough-goat lady dairy “Lindale” bread pudding, “Lindale”-black truffle fondue, shaved Goodnight Brothers Carolina cured ham, herb salad, baked ham, sweet jalapeño (by chef Moore).

Advancing: Miles, 27.44558824 to 25.67145136.

April 19

Matchup: Chef Chris Coleman of The Asbury and Chef Joseph Cornett of The Flipside Café.

Surprise ingredient: N.C. sweet potatoes.

Highest scoring dish of the night: Rosemary Pete’s Murasaki sweet potato empanada, purple sweet potato cheesecake, N.C. sweet potato marshmallow, sweet potato caramel (by chef Cornett).

Advancing: Cornett, 30.08674102 to 25.06818182.

April 20

Matchup: Chef Clark Barlowe of Heirloom Restaurant and Chef Mike Suppa of Vivace.

Surprise ingredient: Black Mountain chocolate and Cactus Creek gourmet coffee.

Highest scoring dish of the night: Cactus Creek Tanzanian Peaberry-Black Mountain chocolate coca nib cake, cocoa nib-coffee-hickory smoked berries, chocolate ganache, vanilla bean mascarpone (by chef Barlowe).

Advancing: Suppa, 27.06666667 to 24.95795880.

April 21

Matchup: Chef Ben Philpott of Block & Grinder and Chef Neil Bratton of Local Dish.

Surprise ingredients: Joyce Farms Poulet Rouge and High Rock Farms pecans.

Highest scoring dish of the night: Joyce Farms smoked Poulet Rouge ravioli, Chapel Hill Creamery Calvander cream, oyster mushrooms, asparagus, Poulet Rouge crispy skin, High Rock Farms candied pecans (by chef Bratton).

Advancing: Bratton, 30.30635838 to 29.32091887.

April 27

Matchup: Chef Brent Martin of The Summit Room and Chef John Morey of Bank of America Stadium.

Featured ingredient: Battle Certified Angus Beef brand tenderloin and Savory Spice Shop South End cocoas.

Highest scoring dish of the night: Certified Angus Beef Brand tenderloin tartar, Savory Spice Shop South End black onyx cocoa shingle, foie gras pâté, vanilla oil, Scott Farms sweet potato chips, Manchester Farm quail egg, lemon confit, black garlic aioli (by chef Martin).

Advancing: Martin, 29.25714286 to 25.39066667.

April 28

Matchup: Chef Michael Fisera of Lexington Avenue Brewery (Asheville) and Chefs Ryan Daugherty and Eric Litaker of Dogwood Southern Table & Bar.

Featured ingredients: Certified Angus Beef brand bone-in ribeye steak and N.C. chicken eggs.

Highest scoring dish of the night: N.C. egg drop dashi, Chinese barbecue Certified Angus Beef brand ribs, oyster mushrooms, cashew gremolata (by chef Fisera)

Advancing: Daugherty and Litaker, 27.94434389 to 24.77579909.