Helen Schwab

Oh, and Bon Appetit loved the pasta, too

Kindred in Davidson, which national food magazine Bon Appetit designated among its 50 nominees for Best New Restaurants of the Year, got a little more praise from the magazine when it named its best pasta dishes of the year. Said the Kindreds on their Facebook page: “One of the best pasta dishes in the US? We’ll take that honor! ... Congrats to you, Paul Warren, who makes all our pastas every morning!”

The one singled out is a plate of squid-ink conchiglie (say con-KEEL-yay): little shells, which chef Joe Kindred serves in a variety of ways -- with tuna and sea urchin butter, or shrimp with lemon and tarragon. Bon Appetit’s folks had it with blue crab and the sea urchin butter.