Helen Schwab

Chef change at ROCKSALT

Chef John Critchley will take over the ROCKSALT Charlotte kitchen Sept. 20. He’s executive chef at sibling restaurant Brine in Virginia (it was going to be another ROCKSALT, but a similarly named place posed possible confusion) and also oversees the operation of ROCKSALT Charlottesville. Travis Croxton of the Rappahannock River Oysters company is proprietor of all three (there are also a few more restaurants affiliated with the oyster company), and said he’s pleased that the three restaurants will “be able to standardize some of the most popular recipes and increase the engagement across the restaurants.

“Don’t think chain,” Croxton continued in an email, but better coordinated kitchens, and the commitment to local and seasonal will remain. He plans to hire a chef de cuisine, but expects Critchley and team to be in the restaurant in the interim.

That interim will begin when current chef Jay Pierce returns to Greensboro to take over the kitchen at Marshall Free House (a gastropub, as he describes it, with an affiliated farm and brewery).