Helen Schwab

What chefs are coming to town for uptown Asbury’s ‘collaborative series’?

Chef Chris Coleman
Chef Chris Coleman File photo

Coming up again at The Asbury in uptown’s Dunhill Hotel is this “collaborative series” with chef Chris Coleman, which brings in chefs and other interesting guests from the region. The series, in its second year, runs through October, so this is the first half; more to come. Dinners are $65 (wine pairings, for an additional fee, may be offered):

▪ A Lowcountry Celebration. On March 14, Ben Harris from Poogan’s Porch will help cook, and Jason Knight, master bladesmith at Knight Forge Studio (both in Charleston) will be on hand, and chefs will use oyster knives made by Knight to shuck shellfish for the first course. Menu to come, at http://bit.ly/ASBLowcountry.

▪ Giving Back with Ed Price and Project 658. April 4, chef Price will be on hand; he’s “feeding project director” for this ministry, which aims to help at-risk families in the city’s international and refugee communities. Part of the night’s proceeds will go to Project 658 Culinary School.

▪ “In Season: NC Shrimp” with Jay Pierce of The Marshall Free House. May 23, you may remember Pierce from ROCKSALT; he’s now at this Greensboro place, a United Kingdom-themed gastropub. He also wrote the book on shrimp (the UNC Press book, “Shrimp,” that is).

▪ “Beer + Spice” with Bill Smith of Crook’s Corner and Justin Brigham of Sycamore Brewing. June 13, Chapel Hill’s Smith returns (he was here last year, and the event sold out) to do Mexican food (and promote his book, “Crabs & Oysters,” along with pairings presented by Charlotte’s Sycamore co-owner.

235 N. Tryon St.; reservations: 704-342-1193; theasbury.com.