Helen Schwab

More (of everything) from Not Just Coffee

Jordan Black

Not Just Coffee’s about to open in two new locations:

A periodic one (sort of a semi-permanent popup), at Tabor / SOCO Gallery in Myers Park, opens this Saturday (March 26), skips Easter Sunday, then returns each Saturday and Sunday from about 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. or so. There, at a small bar area, you’ll be able to get pourovers, espresso drinks (thanks to the portable espresso machine), some interesting teas and the like. “I think it’ll be a good symbiotic relationship,” says NJC’s James Yoder; “they have a great space ... and it’s in a market we’re not really in. That whole Myers Park area is its own neighborhood.” 421 Providence Road; www.notjust.coffee.

And April 18 is the target date for its opening at Packard Place, uptown at 222 S. Church St. That’ll be the business’s first standalone, non-shared space: About 800 square feet that Yoder plans to play with “to give each space its own unique vibe. (This will be) a little more sophisticated, a little more cosmopolitan” than its current Seventh Street Public Market and Atherton Market spots: Expect cafe service and light food – “toast, poached eggs maybe, with goat cheese and sea salt; light, small things.” And count on more interesting offerings, like Chemex and Aeropress coffees, as “focal points” for the aficionado.*

*Quick primer, just in case you’re not an aficionado (and, not incidentally, Counter Culture is the coffee used by Not Just Coffee, and Miracle Yoder, James’ wife, is just back from a trip to Honduras with Counter Culture):

Chemex is a kind of pourover (which is just what you think: pouring water over beans – but with every variable carefully planned) done in the distinctly hourglass-shaped Chemex coffeemaker. The result is noted for strength without bitterness.

Aeropress is something like a French press and something like an espresso machine: Hot water and air pressure get the flavor out of the beans (like an espresso machine), but it’s manual and quickly brewed (like a French press). But it uses a filter, so it’s sort of like neither. Think almost-espresso-but-a-bit-smoother, a little less full-bodied/strong than French press coffee.